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There is only one medicine that would have so many different forms. This would be Zithromax. The forms would be in gel, pill, and injection along with the oral suspension. There is a generic for the Zithromax and it is called Azithromycin. Medicinal compounds that are found in Zithromax, have a wide ranging of effects and could be used very effectively against so many different types of infections that would result from the bacterial action in your nasal passage, the respiratory, your gastrointestinal and your genitourinary tracts, your skin along with your soft tissues, the otitis media, your typhoid or the noncommittally acquired infections.

Azithromycin, belongs to an Erythromycin group of prescriptions. Its action is the bacteriostatic rather than the bactericidal, it will not kill any bacteria directly, but will inhibit the protein synthesis that way it can take place in your bacteria, that would ultimately be causing the bacteria to perish. The last of the bacteria would be killed by your body's immune system.

Azithromycin has proven very effective as a medicine to be use to prevent the bacterial infections that would be in the babies and those who would have the very weak immune systems. This medication is quickly absorbed. Azithromycin has been used to help treat mycobacterium avium. It has also been used to treat patients that would have a very mild typhoid. The Azithromycin would be administered to the people that would develop the urinary tract infections or the pneumonia right after surgery. This would be the noncommittally given in hospitals, due to the infection that was caused by the inadequate hygienic measures along with equipment in their hospital.

Azithromycin, the generic for the Zithromax is the acid-stable medicine that could be taken one or two hours either without or with food, but this is a medication that would be so much more effective if you were to not eat anything and have a completely empty stomach. Their oral suspension could be taken regardless if you eat or not. Take your medication as you have been advised to by the physician. The antibiotics have generally lead to your good feeling very fast after you have started to take the pills. If you were to stop taking the drug mid way you would allow your infection to come back, and then there will be no antibiotic that would be able to treat it then. When this has been given to a child, the liquid form would be measured by the medication measuring spoon, this will ensure that the child has gotten the proper amount of the drug.

The side effects of the medicine are very minor and very few. They would include some nausea, the vomiting, and some diarrhea, along with abdominal pains. If the effects seem to worsen, or any different unusual effect would occur like a rash, some itching, an inflamed vagina, getting dizzy, convulsions, thrush, palpitation, some anxieties, anemia, changes in your hearing or your taste sensations, or even the pins and needles feeling, you would stop taking the drug and immediately call your doctor.

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